Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink Reviews and Brand Facts (Buying Guide)

If consistency is what you have in mind when thinking of decent tattoo ink, then there is a brand that considers the same. It’s the Millennium Moms. They are not only offering their great tattoo inks separately but also in a set. And each of them promises to give you what you expect.

To know about all the benefits, you need to check out our millennium moms tattoo ink reviews covered below.

Our Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink Reviews and Important Features Of The Set:

Why mom’s tattoo ink is one of the best popular ink brands among most of the tattoo artists and it got  82% reviews with 5 star rating and 4.7 score out of 5, Let’s start the discuss.


The millennium mom’s provide the ink bottle in 0.5 ounce that promises to come completely sealed. The ink in the bottle is free of contamination which means, you can use the product without any hesitation.

The only thing you need to check is the expiration date, if that is done properly, you are good to go.

One small con that is found in the product is that some of the bottles were not sealed properly that led them to spill the inks. But, don’t let that disappoint you since there is an option to get a replacement.

Color variations:

The brand offers 41 different colors in a package that you can explore. The colors you will get include, Black Onyx, Hello Yellow, 14kt Gold, Monthly Red, Marvelous Magenta, Purple Nurple, Violent Violet, Forest Gump Green, Brown Sugar, Pretty Boy Blue, Ice Blue, Ecto-Plasmic Green, Fleshy Flesh, Pink Pussy Cat, Blue Balls, Grey Hound, Suede, Mo’ Money Green, Tropical Teal, Ole Blue Eyes, Red Rum, Magic Magenta, Black Cherry, Peachie Keen, 1957 Chevy, Agent Orange, Blu Job, Snot Green, Green Gob, Mean Green, Burnt Out Orange, Luscious Lavender, Chiarina’s Skin Tone, Indian Orange, Power White, Marine Green, Viper Red, Piss Yellow, Kentucky Blue Grass, Doo Doo Brown, and Danger Zone Orange.

If you are a new tattoo artist or want to buy a budget price small ink set, you can also buy the 14 different color set.

This 14 bottles set includes Black Onyx, Marvelous Magenta, Fleshy Flesh, Violent Violet, Power White, Brown Sugar, 14kt Gold, Forest Gump Green, Pretty Boy Blue, Monthly Red, Hello Yellow, Ecto-Plasmic Green, Ice Blue, Purple Nurple


The inks have earned love through the positive mom’s ink reviews due to their performances. You will find them very smooth since they feature a homogenized pigment mixture that tends to flow with ease.

Not only that, but the colors are also stated to be vibrant. Their pure pigment contents ensure the work to stand out.

To add more, the inks also impress with their consistency. You can expect to receive the color coming in high quality.

Users also loved the product because of its long-lasting nature. It promises to stay on the skin forever after application.

About The Brand:

Mom’s Ink is stated to be manufactured by Technical Tattoo Supply in the United States of America. The brand aims to deliver extraordinary consistency since they believe in consistency to be one of the main factors while using tattoo inks. Starting with a few colors in the early 90s to above 120 shades at present, the brand promises to deliver the safest and the most vibrant colors.

They also state their products to be triple checked for pigment life, flow rate and color consistency.

They started their journey back in 1998 and since then, they boast the products to be vegan friendly.


  • Smooth sinceits homogenized pigment mixture flows with ease.
  • Pure pigment content makes sure that your art stands out.
  • Offers great consistency.
  • Promise to last longer on the skin after application.
  • Will not fade anytime soon, stays bright for years.


  • Some of the bottles were not sealed properly.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Q:  Is millennium mom’s tattoo ink vegan?

A: Yes, this ink is vegan friendly and organic.

Q:  Is millennium mom’s ink any good?

A: Yes, this ink is of good consistency with long-lasting nature.

Q:  Does mom’s tattoo ink any recall?

A: No, this ink never any recall.

You can read our FDA tattoo ink recall article to know more about the recall list.

Final Words…

This ink is sterilized with gamma rays that can hugely disinfect the color which makes this one of the best inks that you can push in your skin. Furthermore, this ink doesn’t fade away so easily and causes less inflammation according to professionals. I hope this millennium moms tattoo ink reviews can help you decide whether to choose this product.

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