7 Things Know About The FDA Tattoo Ink Recall List And Contaminated Tattoo Ink Infection Alerts

If you are planning to get a tattoo, then there is something you should know. In the tattoo process, the ink who plays the key role is expected to be free of contamination so that it can keep the skin from causing damages. But there are some of the products that are found to be contaminated with bacteria, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. And they have issued tattoo ink recall for that.

So, we thought you should know everything about the list as well as the alerts provided by the FDA.

Tattoo Ink Recall List:

  • Solid Ink-Diablo red ink. The manufacturer’s name is Miami Gardens company Color Art, a lot number. Recall Completion Date: 19th October 2018.
  • Dynamic Color-Black. The manufacturer’s name is Fort Lauderdale company Dynamic Color, lot numbers. 12024090 as well as 12026090. Dated: 6th September 2021.
  • Scalping PA, Scalpaink SC, and Scalpaink AL basic black tattoo inks. The manufacturer’s name is Scalp Aesthetics. All the numbers of the lot distributed from 6th August 2018 through 1st October 2018. Recall Completion Date 17th May 2019.
tattoo ink recall list


  • Consumers who are planning to get a new tattoo.
  • Tattoo artists.
  • Retailers of tattoo inks.


The FDA alerts all the audiences of the potential of serious injury from the use of tattoo ink products that are found to be contaminated with microorganisms. Bacterial contamination in the ink can cause severe infection as well as it can lead to health injuries while injecting it into the skin in the course of tattoo procedure. So, when the skin barrier is broken, there’s an increased risk of infection.

Common Symptoms:

The common symptoms of ink-associated infections include:

  • Ink-injected spots start to appear rash and lesion consisting of red papules.
  • Permanent scarring.

However, some of the symptoms can be hard to recognize since other conditions like allergic reactions have similar symptoms. And this can lead to ineffective treatment and misdiagnosis.

Summary of Problem and Scope:

The FDA became aware of contaminated tattoo inks through the Fiscal Year 2018-19’s routine surveys of marketed tattoo inks, inspections of manufacturers and distributors, as well as sampled-tattoo inks’subsequent microbiological analysis.

They have identified 6 ink products that are contaminated with microorganisms. They are not only working with the distributors and manufacturers to remove all the contaminated inks from the market but also alerting people of the potential risks of using the ink since it is extremely harmful to human health.

Inspected under an ongoing assignment, there were 4 firms found to be manufacturing and distributing the tattoo inks. The ink products were analyzed through the procedure that is used for determining cosmetics’bacterial contamination. It has been explained in ‘Bacteriological Analytical Manual Chapter 23: Microbiological Methods for Cosmetics’.

Recommendations for Consumers:

It is suggested to ask the studio workers or tattoo artists about the inks they would use. Also, consumers should instruct them to avoid the recalled inks highlighted here since it can cause injury and infection.

Recommendations for Tattoo Artists and Retailers:

FDA has warned all the retailers and tattoo artists to avoid selling and using the recalled tattoo inks highlighted here.

Reporting Problems to the FDA:

If you are experiencing any symptoms of injury or infection after tattooing the spot, then it is suggested that you seek medical assistance or consult your healthcare professional. It is also essential to inform your tattoo artist regarding the matter. Not only that, but you should also report your matter to Med-Watch: Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program of the FDA.

They encourage you with queries about the product safety for submitting an infection and injury report. For additional information, you can also visit their website www.fda.gov/fcic.

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