Solong Tattoo Ink Reviews And Important Brand Facts (Buying Guide)

Inking your body parts with a reliable product is not easy. Since it’s something you will be injecting to get a tattoo, you have to keep several things in mind. To earn your client’s trust, you need to have a product that will offer nothing but advantages and safety. And if you take a look at this set by Solong tattoo, you can find those benefits.

So to help you out to get to know about this set having 21 different colors, we have felt to cover solong tattoo ink reviews that the products deserve. We also have 7 basic pigment color products here.

Solong Tattoo Ink Reviews and Important Features of The Set...

These features you should consider before buying the product. Let’s start solong ink review.


Solong tattoo boasts them to be a new brand that warrants to deliver high-quality inks. The ink comes in a bottle weighing an ounce. The bottle has been sealed tightly making the ink safe as well as free of contamination.

solong ink review

Color Variation:

The brand has offered 21 colors in a set to explore the variation. Not only you can mix them up and play around with the color, but also you can create colorful designs with them. The colors you will get are Baby Blue, Bright Red, Light Brown, Bright Orange, Banana Cream, True Black, Snow White Opaque, Grasshopper Green, Fuchsia, Dragon Green, Dark Purple, Cherry Bomb, Silver, Dark Brown, Rose Pink, Medium Brown, Marios Blue, Marios Light Blue, Lining Black, Lemon Yellow, and  Light Green.

Solong tattoo professional ink set 7 basic pigment color is True Black, Bright Red, Dark Purple, Lemon Yellow, Light Green, Marios Blue, and Snow White Opaque.

Solong Tattoo Ink Set 21 Colors

Solong Tattoo 7 Basic Pigment Colors Set


The Solong Tattoo states to micro-disperse the ink so that it can make it easier to use and quicker to heal the wound. Moreover, the ink will offer less scabbing that will help with lesser scarring so that the skin retains more pigment.

The skin will be absorbing the pigment easily once injected and add a far sharper and brighter picture to the skin. And they also guarantee that the color won’t get faded in the long run.

The products have been stated to be free of toxin as well as cruelty, so you can trust having it.

However, a little issue is that some of the colors may fade sooner than the other over time. So, it can be a small con.


  • Free of contamination, toxin and cruelty.
  • Will not fade quickly.
  • Offers great pigmentation and vibrancy of the image.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Less scabbing help with lesser scarring.
  • Comes with 21 colors a 1oz (30ml) bottle in a set.


  • Some of the colors may fade sooner than other.

About The Brand:

Solong tattoo has emerged in 2008 that started its journey from China. The brand boasts to love passion and interest in tattoo since they consider it to be a reference to a person’s uniqueness.

It doesn’t matter what you are passionate about, where you are and who you are, they aim to offer custom products so you can express yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is solong tattoo ink good ink?

This company ink has mixed reviews about their products but within this price range they offer the best quality ink set and some ink gives you true color and long lasting.

Where is solong tattoo ink made?

This ink is made in China. Last 5 years they provided tattoo items with OEM and ODM based service system.

Is solong tattoo ink safe?

This ink is contamination free and made with non-toxic chemicals to provide a safer environment. But it’s always a best practice to consult professionals about your skin.

Is it safe to use ink from china?

China produces most of the elements that are needed to manufacture ink for other vendors. So, it can be assumed that the ink is safe.

Is Solong tattoo ink ever recalled?

No, this ink not listed in the recall ink list in FDA.

To know more about safety, please read FDA tattoo ink recall list and contaminated tattoo ink infection alerts.

Final Words...

Overall this is one of the best options for tattoo ink as it is eco-friendly, completely produced with machines and thoroughly inspected thus completely eradicating contamination. Furthermore, this has true-color with lots of color options to choose from. You are a tattoo artist and these solong tattoo ink review give you some valuable information.

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