Scream Tattoo Ink Reviews And The Ink Set Buying Guide

Ink plays a key role in getting a tattoo done. That’s the reason why safety and carefulness should be kept in mind because if you avoid either of them, you are prone to putting yourself at risk. But the brand Scream Tattoo by Worldwide Tattoo Supply understands the matter, hence they offer the best and the safest inks for the tattoo artists. And that’s why we thought to come up with scream tattoo ink reviews.

Scream Tattoo Ink Reviews and Important Features of The Set...

These are the main feature and consider them before the product you buy. let’s start scream ink review.


The brand provides you the ink in a bottle weighing an ounce. The ink in the bottle is stated to be absolutely sterilized and sealed. So, there will be no issues with the ink being contaminated with microorganisms that can cause potential damages to the skin.

But make sure that you check the expiration date that is mentioned in the bottle. Because, if the date goes expired, then using it will cause similar damages.

Color Variations:

You may end up screaming to know that the brand is providing you with 30 different bottles in 30 different colors in a set to explore. The best part is that you will get to mix them as well to have different colors. The varieties you will get are:

Pitch Black, Black Hole, Silk White, Candy Apple Red, Tomato Red, Super Red, Burgundy, Bubble Gum Pink, American Raspberry, Turquoise, San-Fran Cyan, Gold Dust, Electric Yellow, Orange Tang, Dirk Diggler, Mango Madness, Dragon Scale Green, Emerald City Green, Green Bean, Arctic Blue, Dodger Blue, Powder Blue, Lavender Blush, Peach Puff, Ultra Violet, Gun Metal Gray, Grey Hair, Skin Deep, Purple, and Mystical Magenta.


Another reason to have these scream tattoo ink reviews is its fine performance. As it has been mentioned, that the colors are easily mixable. Plus, they don’t only get into the skin greatly but also help heal the wound greatly to appear the pigmentation finely. The colors are stated to stay vibrant on the skin for a longer time. Not only that, but you will also find the inks easy to apply and easy to wipe off.

However, a little issue is that some of the bright colors like yellow toned ones get faded quicker than the others over time. So, that can be a con for you.


  • Colors last long on the skin.
  • Comes in 30 colors in a set.
  • Sealed and sterilized.
  • Pigmentation is great.
  • Colors are mixable with ease.
  • Easy to apply.


  • Some colors get faded quicker than others.

About The Brand:

Scream Tattoo is owned by WorldWide Tattoo Supply that opened its doors in 1993. For over 25 years, they are providing you with their high-quality products and service.

They don’t only supply them locally in the United States but also distribute globally while having offices and distributors in different countries. To add more, their offices are situated in Canada and Vietnam besides the United States.

They also offer free shipping on some of the products and provide you with different varieties at a reasonable price.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What is the weight of the bottle?

A: Each of the bottles weighs one ounce.

Q: Are the inks mixable?

A: Yes, the inks are easily mixable and stay true to their colors.

Q: Is Scream ink any good?

A: As a tattoo ink at a reasonable price, scream ink provides the best value for money. We know about WorldWide Tattoo supply company well and they never provide any bad ink.

Q: Scream tattoo ink recall?

A: Scream tattoo ink is not been blacklisted by the FDA or they don’t have any recall issue previously.

You can read our FDA tattoo ink recall and contaminated tattoo ink article to know more about the recall ink list.

Final Words...

This product has 30 colors set hence and lots of color options. furthermore, their pigments are one of the finest among the competition and all the colors are mixable with each other, so that you can mix-match to get your preferred color. So this brand ink is not a bad choice for tattooing. You are an artist whatever beginner, mid, or experts our scream tattoo ink review should help you to buy a tattoo ink set.

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