New Version Neatcell Tattoo Removal Reviews (Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen Review)

Getting a tattoo is not as painful as removing it will be. But there is a thing that has made the removal much easier with a less painful experience. And that thing is a laser pen provided by neatcell. Such a laser pen has been designed to provide you with a variety of privileges besides just getting the tattoo removal done. And for this, we will cover neatcell tattoo removal reviews in the article.

Our Neatcell Tattoo Removal Pen Reviews (Picosecond laser pen review) And Key Feature

This article will help you as a neatcell picosecond laser pen review and buying guide. Let’s start our neatcell laser tattoo removal reviews


The tattoo laser’s wavelength determines what color it can treat. The commonest one is stated to be black inks with the range 1064nm. Such wavelength is also safe for darker skin type. The next range comes with a 532 wavelength that treats red color. The remaining colors need a variety of wavelength ranges so the machine needs to have that factor to treat colorful tattoos.

As for the neatcell picosecond laser pen, it comes with a wavelength range from 300nm to 480nm, so it can somewhat help treat the colorful tattoos.

Optical Density:

Optical Density refers to the measure of laser energy that helps in passing through a filter. The laser pen comes with a pair of black glasses for the clients. It also includes yellow operator glasses that offer an amazing OD 4+ level for the wavelength range the pen has.

However, some of the users think that the glasses are not laser rated, so this can be a small con for you.


The laser pen provides you with powerful and rapid energy that works to directly break up the dark pigments. The effects of treatment are great with fewer times of use. With a picosecond pen, it can resolve the melanin efficiently into fine particles. Hence, it helps promote the metabolism of skin while lessening melanin deposits. Not only that, but it also works to comprehensively reduce dark spots and freckles. You will also be benefited from refined skin and a healthy glow.


The laser for tattoo removal is stated to be much faster than other rivals. While the typical pulse duration is stated to be measured in milliseconds for dermal treatment, the tattoo laser measures in picoseconds or nanoseconds.

Hence with its extremely short pulse width, it barely would produce a heat or light effect. Moreover, the short width also leads to higher energy being placed on the tattoo that further leads to a shock wave striking the ink and breaking it up.

Not only that, but it also works to direct more energy to the ink and less to the tissues so you will find it safe and durable.

One great thing is that the pen does not cause any fluctuation through the consumption of the battery to ensure added safety.


This laser pen offers safe removal without hurting your skin. Neither it will bleed not it will cause pain. The brand has incorporated electric ion carbonation functions that are high-tech and safe. Such functions turn the voltages instantaneous discharge into electric ion heat for carbonizing.

Operation Method:

To operate the laser pen, you need to:

  • Plug the power in with the digital tube display 0.
  • Select the frequency by pressing the button that says [Fre/Hz].
  • Set the output energy level with [Inten]
  • Then switch to output energy by pressing the light emission after the setup is completed.
  • Wear the glasses during operation.
  • Cover the treated area with protective paper for preventing contact with water after the operation.


To help you with the guide, the brand includes Simple English instructions so that you can understand how you can operate the pen. However, some users felt that the instructions poorly-written so that can be a drawback.

But you will also be provided with 3 Operation Videos that they will send through email to get better help with the instructions.

So Contact neatcell company by email at

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  • Decent wavelength range to help treat the colorful tattoos.
  • Powerful and rapid energy works to directly break up the dark pigments.
  • Resolve the melanin efficiently into fine particles.
  • Promote metabolism of skin while lessening melanin deposits.
  • Help in reducing dark spots and freckles.
  • Offers refined skin and a healthy glow.
  • Comes with safety glasses.
  • Safety removal without hurting the skin.


  • The instructions are poorly written.
  • The glasses that come with the pen are not safety rated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the features of yellow safety glasses?

A: The features of yellow safety glasses are highlighted below:

  • Range of protection wavelength: 300nm to 480nm.
  • Optical Density: 4+
  • Visible Light Transmittance: 60 percent.
  • Manufactured according to the standard ANSI Z87.1 and EN166F.
  • Picosecond Laser Pen features 450nmwavelength of blue light.

Q: What is included in the package?

A: In the package, you will get:

  • 1 Picosecond Pen
  • 1 Black Protective Glasses
  • 1 Yellow Original Operator Glasses
  • 1 Protective paper
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Simple English instructions
  • 3 Operation Videos

How often can I use a picosecond laser pen?

A: This solely depends on your ability to bear the irritation that can cause by exposure to this pen. We usually recommend a maximum of 1~3 exposure per week.

Do laser tattoo removal pens work? If yes, then how does picosecond laser work?

A: Yes, it works by targeting the color pigments and diminishing it into smaller particles so that the tattoo fades away with dead cells in your body. This doesn’t affect healthy cells as they don’t have any color pigments.

Final Thought…

This is a cheap option for tattoo removal which might take a long time with multiple sessions to fully disappear the tattoo. The instruction manual is poorly translated so you might need some time to figure out the optimal settings or configuration the is suitable for you.

Overall, neatcell picosecond laser pen is one of the best tattoo removal laser pens in its price range and I can recommend this for someone who is looking for some cheap alternate options. Finally, neatcell tattoo removal pen reviews are completed and I hope that this review will guide you to buy this product.

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