5 Tips For How Often Should You Put Moisturizer On Your New Tattoo (Aftercare Guideline)

So you got yourself tattooed fully, now the thing you should be only doing is to look after it with proper care. Some several moisturizing creams and ointments help you take care of the tattoo. Hence, you may have to get one or two of them for the job. But the BIG question that arises is: How often should I moisturize my new tattoo?

For this, you have to read the write-up below!

Answering To How Often Should I Moisturize My New Tattoo?

Frequency of moisturizer after the tattoo dries:

You may want to follow this schedule: It is recommended to moisturize 3-5 times a day after wash and dry the new tattoo. Generally, tattoo lovers moisturize their tattoos regularly and preferably with unscented body care lotion. As the days go by, the frequency of applying the lotion changes. For details of new tattoo wash and moisture instructions please read the article below.

Wash dry and apply it for 5 days:

Right after you remove the bandage, you need to wash the new tattoo for 3 days and that too for every couple of hours. Hence, you need to keep on washing, drying, and applying the ointment during that period.

Make sure that you use hotter water. Although, you may not feel comfortable that will be better for you. Using soapy water and clean fingertips, you need to glide over the flesh wound. Make sure that the soap is fragrance-free.

Plus, you have to avoid using stuff like a sponge, washcloth or towel and scrubbing, because that will worsen the case. Your aim should be to loosen up any coagulated blood and dried lymph.

After you are done with washing, pat the skin dry using a clean and fresh washcloth. Apply the ointment that will be free of petroleum. Ointment like Tattoo Goo can be a great option since it uses natural healing herbs that can help in soothing the skin.

Post 5 days:

Now, you have to continue washing 2 to 3 times on a regular basis after the first 3 days. You don’t need to use ointment anymore. Switch to moisturizer or lotion. Make sure that the cream is unscented and non-greasy.

It is recommended that you apply a very thin layer that will be sufficient to make the tattoo shine. Keep rubbing it gently and wait for the skin to absorb it.

However, you should avoid adding too much cream otherwise you will end up suffocating the tattoo that can lead to bacteria buildup.

Continue it for the next 25 days:

Once your tattoo dries fully, your skin will start to feel tight. So, you should continue applying the cream for the next 25 days. During this time frame, the skin may start to peel and you may notice the colored bits of skin flaking too which is normal. After the end of the process, the new tattoo will take on a waxy shiny tone, so wait for that!

Now apply it when needed for 6 weeks:

After the abrasion gets healed, the body will no longer have a flesh wound. That does not mean you will stop applying the moisturizing cream. It will take around 6 weeks for the tattoo to get fully healed depending on the size and location of the tattoo. And during that period, you need to keep on applying the cream to the tattoo occasionally.

is vaseline good for tattoo aftercare

Is Vaseline Good For Tattoo Aftercare?

In general, you don’t need to use any petroleum-based products like Vaseline on a new tattoo. It is rather recommended to stay away from it during the process of healing. The reason is, the moisture trapping effect of Vaseline blocks the tattoo wound from getting air. And air moving over the wound helps with the process of healing. So, if you apply Vaseline on a fresh wound, you can be prone to infections that can lead to pus, swelling, and redness.

But after the abrasion gets completely healed, you can use Vaseline. The only thing you have to make sure it, applying it to the skin or the area that is extremely dry. As we mentioned, Vaseline is a kind of product that works great for trapping moisture into the skin. Hence, you will find them great for extremely dry skin.

Can I Put or Use Petroleum Jelly On My Tattoo?

Yes, you can use petroleum jelly on your tattoo. But you cannot just apply it on a fresh tattoo. During the healing process, it is instructed to avoid using petroleum jelly since it can cause infections.

Such jelly does not let the tattoo get enough air. And the air is a great factor to help reduce the infection as well as amplify the healing process.

However, after the tattoo gets completely healed, you can use the jelly but make sure you don’t overuse it.

can i use petroleum jelly on my tattoo


It is very important to have some kind of aftercare after getting a new tattoo. If it’s not properly taken care such as moisturizing, you may feel skin issues like itching, or dead skin. So it’s better to follow the instruction described earlier to take care of your skin. Proper aftercare can also help your tattoo keep bright and fresh in the future.

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