3 Easy Way To Make Homemade Tattoo Ink From Household Items

As you all know that the Food and Drug Administration recently found ink products to be contaminated with microorganisms. And such inks will not hesitate to cause damage to the skin and health. So, if you are planning to get a tattoo, you can use a safe way which is making the ink at home. But if you don’t know how to make homemade tattoo ink, then don’t worry. Because we have come up with two methods (and one video method) that will let you know how to make tattoo ink from household items.

Method One

5 Steps For Making Homemade Tattoo Ink From Wood Ashes...

Step 1: Burn wood to create ashes

You are required to burn the wood down completely to make the wood ashes work well as tattoo ink. The ashes need to be completely black. Make sure that none of the natural colors of wood is visible. After that, you need to cool them down before you start using them.

There are a variety of woods that give you different shades of color when you use their ashes as ink. Remember that darker wood will create a blacker pigment while the lighter one will create a grayer pigment.

Step 2: Grind the ashes

Now you will need to grind the ashes after you are done with burning your preferred wood. Make sure that the ash particles are as fine as possible since it helps them in making an easily usable and smooth ink.

Step 3: Choose a clear spirit

Now, you have to combine the ashes with a clear spirit to create the ink from the ashes. You may want to use distilled water but there are some risks that come with it. For instance, it can make the bacteria get under the skin as the needle is pressed in. Hence, it is safe to use clear spirit such as gin or vodka for the liquid base. Such alcohols will help in killing microorganisms and the alcohol clarity will not change the color of the ink.

Step 4: Blend them together

Blend the clear spirit and ashes together in a blender for 15 to 25 minutes. Make sure that the consistency is thinner than a paste and slightly thicker than water, that is, it should be slurry. Also make sure that the mix does not have any chunk in it.

Note: It is a bit difficult to suggest an exact proportion of liquid to ashes for the mix as it relies on the preferred pigmentation of the ink, the type of wood and how finely the ashes have been ground up. It would be wise to add a clear spirit slowly.

Step 5: Check the liquid and ash amounts

Ensure tracking the amounts of liquid and ash you are using to create a larger tattoo. You may want to mix up more than 1 batch of the inks. However, lastly make sure that you know the exact measurements since it will keep the ink pigment consistent. So, you are done making the ink from wood ashes.

To Know How To Make Homemade Tattoo Ink With A Pencil Carbon

Please see the video

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Second Homemade Tattoo Ink Method Is: Making Dry Ink Pigment

Follow the bellow 5 steps

Step 1: Choose your pigment powder

Make sure to settle on the colors you would like to use and buy them from the market or online. It will be great if you buy the pigment powder from a tattoo supply manufacturer as it ensures safety. You do not want to use pigment ink accidentally that is used in car paint.

Step 2: Combine the ingredients

Blend the medical-grade glycerin, propylene glycol and witch hazel. While you use pigment powder, make sure to add it to the medical-grade glycerin. You will need to have 0.38 ounce of medical-grade glycerin, 0.38 ounce of propylene glycol and 32-ounce of witch hazel for blending them.

Step 3: Add the pigment powder

Now put the powder into the mixture of liquid base. The use of pigment powder amounts would rely on how subdued or bright you want the color to be. Gradually put the powder.

Step 4: Mix in a blender

Now put the mixture in a blender and mix the ink together at a lower speed. If you think the ink is getting thicker, then pour a little more liquid. Contrariwise, if it gets thinner, then put more pigment. After the ink reaches the preferred consistency, blend the ink for around an hour by leveling up the speed to medium.

Step 5: Store in a sterile container

Finally, you need to store the mix in an airtight and sterile container after blending the mixture. Make sure to put the container in a dark and cool place.

how to make homemade tattoo ink


There are three possible ways of making tattoo ink from household items are given above. All ways are proven effective if done correctly (video method is easiest). Making homemade tattoo ink from burned wood is cost-effective and it can easily be processed. On the other hand method two can give you various colors and it can be stored easily.

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