Bloodline Tattoo Ink Reviews and Buying Guide (Top Brand Facts)

Are you a tattoo enthusiast who wish to have an ink that will stay true to the color? Then why not look at the Bloodline brand? They are not only offering their inks separately but also individually. Besides, you will also find a lot of positive responses that made them the best. And this is the reason why we will talk about the bloodline tattoo ink reviews.

Our Bloodline Tattoo Ink Reviews and Important Feature of The Set...


The bottle comes in .5 ounce each with the ink that you will find both sterilized and sealed. It means you can expect the ink to be absolutely free of all the contamination and germs to offer safety and security.

Make sure to check the expiration date on the bottle before you grab the set. Using the expired ink can cause damages to the skin.

Speaking of expiration, there are some users who found that some of the bottles to be expired, so checking the date is a must.

Color Variations:

The best part is that the brand offers a set of 12 colors and each of them is vibrant and pigmented. The colors you will get in the set are:

  • All Purpose White
  • All Purpose Black
  • Bellbottom Blue
  • Bright Red
  • Candy Lime
  • Tastywaves 2
  • Stem Green
  • Morning Glory
  • Redd Kross
  • Marz Orange
  • Canary Yellow
  • Golden Lotus

So, in total, you will get 12 bottles of ink with a variety of colors in it.


The brand boasts the products to be great in the form of a traveling companion that is made just for the tattoo artists. Inks have been stated to be very consistent as per the users. And they go into the skin with ease.

Moreover, they also heal with a bright fine and professional finish and do not fade soon which is a big plus.

About The Brand:

Originally the bloodline tattoo pigment co. was founded by august Winchell in 1996 with the brand name of Skincandy. The main ingredient of this company is that they produce the pigments in an old conventional way. They got famous and supplied their color pigments to other popular brands. In 2000 the company created UV color pigments for the tattoo which was a breakthrough for this company and later in 2010 August launched their tattoo ink under the brand name of Bloodline tattoo ink co. their products are high performance with vegan safe and fast healing tattoo ink in the industry.


  • Comes in 12 colors.
  • The colors don’t fade and last on the skin forever.
  • Free of germs and contamination.


  • Some bottles may come expired.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is bloodline tattoo ink vegan?

A: Yes, this ink is completely vegan. So, everyone can use this product without hesitation.

Q: Is bloodline tattoo ink good?

A: This brand is a popular product among tattoo artists with good reviews thus concluding to be one of the best products.

Q: Does vegan tattoo ink fade faster?

A: People have a misconception about vegan tattoo ink. No, this ink set doesn’t fade any faster than other traditional tattoo ink.

Q: Is vegan tattoo ink better?

A: There is no evidence suggesting either product is better than one another. Both have their pros and cons that solely depends on your perspective.

Q: Can you use it to tattoo the lip?

A: Yes, you can use it to tattoo the lip. The colors are true to their names. But it is recommended to keep the skin tone in mind while you do the lips. If you have darker ones, you may need to have different shades for the noticeable appearance of pigmentation.

Note: Bloodline tattoo ink never gets any FDA recall list. Read our FDA tattoo ink recall post to know the recall ink brand list.

Final Words…

Users of this brand either tattoo specialist or the customer gave a very positive opinion about this product. Bloodline basic solid color tattoo ink sets achieved one of the best tattoo ink sets in the market. So this bloodline tattoo ink review can help you to choose and buy your desired ink set. I hope you can enjoy tattooing with this ink set.

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